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Day 4 & 5 – A French oasis in the middle of know where!

It was great to lose the strong winds that we had experienced the previous days . Leaving  Hawker with the sunny blue sky and calm air was really enjoyable and relaxing, the plane practically flew it self. Without all the up and down flying, Louise managed to hold her breakfast down!   Wentworth was our next stop for refueling and lunch. Unfortunately, Pauly had to […]

Day 3 – Desert, Salt Lake, Desert, More Salt Lakes, Desert, Mountains

 Birdsville Hotel Car slogan “We may be rough, but at least we’re expensive”. So is the AvGas! Woke up in Birdsville after finally getting a decent night’s sleep.  I had felt shattered from only three hours sleep the night before. There was a glorious blue sky and again, strong gusty winds.  Brian and Linda left our party […]

Birdsville and Back…

Another test flight is underway for On a Wing & a Chair. This time is to see whether Louise (coordinator for the round Australia flight) can hold her lunch down. Miraculously, with some good meds and being pilot in command for a while, she averted distributing her stomach contents within the aircraft.     We’re […]