Dave Jacka


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Dave Jacka is a quadriplegic adventurer.  His mission is to show that by ‘doing it differently’ limitations can be overcome, dreams can be realised making life an adventure.

“We can all have adventures in life; they can be small, like a day trip, right through to a planned expedition! It just takes a bit of creativity and action.” Dave Jacka

However with just 6% physical function, an adventure for Dave takes a lot of time to plan. Equipment and vehicles require modifications to allow him to use or pilot with his limited physical function – that’s when an engineering know-how and a practical background come in handy! Find out more about  Dave’s creative Modifications.

One of Dave’s passions is flying.  His flying adventures have taken him all around Australia, from his epic world first On a Wing and a Chair ‘Around Australia Flight’ to flights across the Australian outback, covering Central Australia and Birdsville. He has kayaked the length on the Murray river and handcycled through the outback.  Read more about these Adventures, where you can also access the blogs, and see the photos of this beautiful country of ours.