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Finding Hope

As I sat in the recliner wheelchair unable to move, all I could do was stare at the pale blue wall in front of me.  In that moment, the reality of the consequences of my motorbike accident suddenly transformed from a vague detached thought, to the dark and painful realisation, that my life as I […]

Popping the Bubble!

“Dave, there’s an opportunity going that might be up your alley” said Pete on the phone. “Really, what is it?” I ask suspiciously. “There’s a spot going for a 7-day trip sailing on a tall ship” “A tall ship ay?  They’re not very wheelchair accessible.” “Yeah, but this one is.  It was built by the […]

Where to….?

When I was flying through the Kimberley region last year, I realised I had to come back. The scenery was spectacular from the air – the changing red shades and shapes of the mountain ranges, and untouched wilderness with periodic traces of human inhabitants, only accessible by air, or a long and tough 4wd journey. […]

Day 24 – Kununurra to Derby

Today we had a second go at trying to get out of Kununurra. It has been disappointing that we’ve encountered this unseasonal weather as, apart from the delays, it has stopped me & the team from flying our original track from Kununurra to Kalumburu / Truscott & then to Derby. This route would have been closer to […]