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Mountains to Murray

Over the years, as I’ve driven along the Great Alpine Road of eastern Victoria, I’ve always thought of how great it would be to cycle along the rail trail, an old abandoned rail road, that roughly snakes along in parallel to the Great Alpine Road from Bright to Wangaratta. “One day” I thought.  It seemed […]

It’s been a tough week!

Its been a tough week, full of excitement, anxiousness and disappointment. Six months of planning came down to four days of waiting to see if the adventure was going to become a reality.   Unfortunately, with lousy weather preventing half of the team from joining us, and then on the last day, engine issues with […]

Bob, the bush poet is back!

On our last flight (Around Australia), we got to learn much more about one of our team members. Bob (aka Sean Connery) demonstrated his bush poetry skills.   Here is a poem Bob has written for the 4 Deserts Run Adventure. It’s also Bob’s birthday today (23 May), so feel free to leave comments.   […]

Where to….?

When I was flying through the Kimberley region last year, I realised I had to come back. The scenery was spectacular from the air – the changing red shades and shapes of the mountain ranges, and untouched wilderness with periodic traces of human inhabitants, only accessible by air, or a long and tough 4wd journey. […]