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It’s been a tough week!

Its been a tough week, full of excitement, anxiousness and disappointment. Six months of planning came down to four days of waiting to see if the adventure was going to become a reality.

Unfortunately, with lousy weather preventing half of the team from joining us, and then on the last day, engine issues with the support plane signalled the final death knell for the adventure.


Unpacking the plane & putting it to bed. The trip is over.

Unpacking the plane & putting it to bed. The trip is over.

The waiting, the uncertainty, is the hardest part of flying trips.

Flying isn’t just getting up in the air, flying around and having a bit of fun. It’s an experience full of mixed emotions.

It starts with the anticipation, a pinch of anxiety in the gut, like the nervousness before asking the girl or guy that you’re keen on out on a first date.

Driving down to the airfield, peering out the car’s windscreen searching for a sign that the weather might be clearing in the direction you need to fly. A hint of blue between the grey-white cotton balls provides some hope, telling your passenger “There’s some blue – it’s getting better!”, in an attempt to make your wish come true.

Preparing the plane, checking fuel, oil, and packing it just right to be ready for a quick getaway when the sky grants you permission to fly.

Waiting…… waiting……… waiting……

Straining your eyes towards the horizon, butterflies of excitement in your tummy as the sky looks clearer to the west… waiting… no its crap again. The little bit of hope drifts away….. waiting…..

Calling up weather stations in every direction in the hope of finding an escape route.

Waiting….. waiting…….. the hours tick by getting closer to the deadline to call it quits for the day. Will we get out?

The deadline ticks over. A feeling of disappointment drapes over your soul, the anxiety lifts, the decision has been made. It’s over for the day.

Heading home with a heavy heart, reviewing the flight plan in your head. Can it be revised to make up for the lost day?

Watching the weather on channel 2, wondering if you will get out tomorrow.

With each delay, the stress gets a little more as the buffer days are used up as we get closer to cancelling the flight, closer to ending the adventure.

But for those lucky flyers who manage to escape the clutches of the weather gods and make it over the wall, the exhilarating feeling of overcoming the challenge is the best reward.

Not every adventure or challenge attempted will come off. We can only plan for so much; the only thing we are really in control of is ourselves. The unknown, the uncertainty, the things we can’t control are what makes it an adventure.


11 thoughts on “It’s been a tough week!”

  1. Sorry it did not work out. The weather is a fickle thing . We look forward to when you can have another opportunity.

    Best of luck!

  2. The taste of disappointment is a bitter pill to swallow !!! Although this adventure has not taken flight, I’m sure much has been learned along the way, that will assist in future endeavours !!!! This being said,doesnot automatically remove the sense of disappointment and let-down!!!!! Frustrating as it is, one can only hope there were some very important lessons taken on board. And I’m sure a revamp of the old plan or a completely new plan, will be on the drawing board asap !!!!! I’m sorry so much has come to naught yet I hope and pray with & for you, that the planning & excited anticipation of a new adventure will replace the current dejection of this one “not getting off the ground”, so to speak!!!!! ONWARDS & UPWARDS my motto in life 🙂

    1. Hi Heather, thanks for your support! As disappointing it is that the flight didn’t eventuate, when one of these does come off its very rewarding. I did learn a lot as I do on these adventures and will be planning more in the near future.


  3. Wow. That’s amazing. It’s a story in itself. It reminds me of someone trying to climb Everest, but they’ve got to wait for the right conditions.

    1. Thanks Darrell, flying, Everest, its all a waiting game! Hope all’s well, will tell you more about it when we catch up for a coffee. Cheers Dave

    1. Thanks Jess, you win some and you lose some. Hope all’s well and good luck with those assignments!
      Cheers Dave

  4. Just got in from 2 weeks of internet wilderness to read your disappointing news. THERE MUST BE A REASON ! You were not to do the trip this time. As always keep smiling and reschedule !!!
    Paul & Christine in Alaska

    1. Hi Paul, it was disappointing, but that’s flying! Alaska sounds awesome! Hope you and Christine are having a fantastic time over seas. Cheers Dave

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