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Day 1 – Disappointment… but that’s flying!

We arrived down at Tooradin airfield by 8am. Myriam, Linda and I were all pumped and raring to go!


Myriam & I checking my aircraft's fuel.

Myriam & I checking my aircraft’s fuel.

As we were packing and preparing the plane, the small patches of blue sky started to disappear and more fog rolled in. As the minutes ticked by, so did our chance of Bob and Michael flying in from Griffith (NSW) and all of us flying out to our first destination, Leigh Creek.


On the phone to Bob & Michael.

On the phone to Bob & Michael.

After numerous phone conversations, it was evident that Bob and Michael were stuck, and by this time, we’d missed any chance of getting out of Tooradin and heading north over the ranges.

Although I’ve spent months planning this flight, there is only so much within our control – all it takes is a bit of bad weather to upset our plans.

Take 2 tomorrow.. stay tuned.

Happy adventuring,


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