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Day 28 – Carnarvon to Murrayfield (Mandurah/Perth)

I was so glad to see my aircraft this morning & to find I had no flat tyres. Thanks to Gary & Nita from the local SES, for helping us with transport while in Carnarvon.

We also took the opportunity on this beautiful morning to take a snap shot of the team.

The OWC Team
L-R, front: me, Linda, Gordon.
L-R, back: Michael, Paul, Josh, Bob.


Today when we took off, the air was still, the sky was blue & the air was silky smooth for flying. As I tracked down the coast, I felt as though I was just floating as my plane flew so smoothly – there were no bumps – just the coastline & the translucent water below.

Today was going to be a very long day. Our first leg started from Carnarvon. We then soon completed our 4th milestone of the flight, passing by Steep Point, WA.

Our first 3 milestones included: crossing the most southerly point (South East Cape, Tas), most easterly (Cape Byron, NSW), & most northerly (Cape York, QLD).

After reaching Long Point, I turned right & tracked west over the bay, crossing Monkey Mia, where I could see ahead our final milestone.

Upon reaching Steep Point, WA, the two support planes got into position as I orbited the location & we managed to get some great photos. When I crossed Steep Point, I felt a sense of relief as we’d now achieved all four milestones.

Flying around Steep Point, WA.

View from my wing around Steep Point.

Another view from my wing.


We then all continued to head down the coast to Geraldton, our lunch & fuel stop for today. This leg from Carnarvon to Geraldton was a long one – over 3 hours – & I felt quite exhausted when I finally got out of the plane, not to mention my sore bum.

To my surprise, there was an old friend & her family waiting to greet me there. I haven’t seen Donna for over 10 years, although it was brief, it was great to catch up & chat for a short time.

Denise Bess, Captain of the Midwest Aero Club, had been following our journey on Facebook & she was there immediately to greet us & make us most welcome in the club rooms, offering drinks & a place to relax for our break.

Denise is also a competition aerobatic pilot in her Super Decathlon. She made 3 of our team members extremely happy when she took each up for an experience of their lifetime, doing aerobatics above Geraldton. Thanks Denise! They can’t stop talking about it!

Aerobatics in Geraldton.
L-R: Josh, Paul, Denise & Michael.

Although I felt really exhausted at lunch time, I just wanted to get going & complete the final leg & get to Mandurah where we will be staying for 2 nights.

This final leg of the day was only 2 hours, with a good tailwind. As we flew further down the coast from Geraldton, we could see more & more evidence of civilisation. It seemed quite strange as many of the areas we have been flying around have been extremely remote & untouched.

We were lucky that the restricted areas along the coast of Perth had been de-activated. This meant we could fly coastal all the way along the seaside suburbs of Perth & down toward Freemantle.

View from my wing as I pass by Perth.

As we reached Burns Beach, 2 aircraft flown by members of the Royal Aero Club of Western Australia flew to meet us & joined me & escorted me down the coast to the Murrayfield Airport. It was a great welcome! Thanks to the Royal Aero Club of Western Australia for allowing us to use their airfield & facilities.

After landing in Murrayfield, it was great to meet some members & I also did an interview with the local paper (Mandurah Mail).

When we finally got into our hotel for the night, we all went out for chinese food & right now I feel very full & tired, so that’s it for tonight. Looking forward to a sleep in tomorrow & a day to rest before we head off again, on a challenging journey, as we head for home.

Over & out,


13 thoughts on “Day 28 – Carnarvon to Murrayfield (Mandurah/Perth)”

  1. Wow, Dave and Team, a huge day and Congratulations on the last milestone!

    Hope you enjoy your rest day, safe trip home bound!

    Cheers J

  2. Great going Dave. I hope you for my message on where to get a tyre at Jandikot if you need one.

    1. Hi Jenny,
      Thanks so much. We got in contact with them. We have a spare now that we sourced elsewhere, but will keep their contact details as they expressed that they could help us out if we have any further issues. Thanks for your help. Cheers, Dave.

  3. I am sitting on a balcony in Bali totally relaxed and catching up on your journey.
    I am proud to have had the opportunity to be a small part of your epic adventure and will continue to follow it through to the end.
    Well done Dave and well done team.

  4. Hello David and Linda,
    Have been daily following your journey. What a fantastic experience and adventure you are having!!!
    So proud of you and the team!
    Love – Robert and Gillian

    1. Hi Robert & Gillian, it has certainly been an adventure! Thanks so much for following along.
      We look forward to catching up with you on our return. Cheers, Dave.

  5. Hi Dave and Linda,
    Well done! That’s was an awesome day and some fantastic shots of you and the coastline. I was sitting in an office in Honiara watching the Spidertracks as you flew around Steep Point and the loop on the screen said it all!
    Lucky Josh to experience the aerobatics! Mind you I don’t think my lunch would have survived – I’m just excited for Josh and the others who go to experience it.
    Enjoy your time in Perth. Hope all goes well for your push South then East – more rugged coastline and isolated territory.
    I’ve so enjoyed travelling along with you.

  6. Hi David and Linda
    I’ve followed the journey in bits and pieces. I hope the journey continues to be smooth and you don’t find too many sore spots , I’m sure it’s a little hard to stretch out whilst in the air. Great photos. See you sometime on your safe return. Best wishes . Paul

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