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Day 20 – Day 2 rest & an overview of the planes

A Restful Rest Day!

Today Linda & I spent a really relaxing day in & around the hotel. We enjoyed the extravagance of a late brunch, a little shopping & watching a movie.

With all the flying, my aircraft was due for its 50 hour service. Having these rest days in Darwin has given us time to get this done. Thanks so much to Scott Barlow, a LAME (aircraft mechanic) at Emkaytee Airport for doing this & for so kindly donating his labour costs. This service involved changing the oil & filter, adjusting my brakes & just a general check over of the engine.

During this flight around Australia, I’ve had a number of people asking me about the planes so I thought I’d give a brief run down of my plane that I fly solo & the two support planes which carry the 6 support crew (3 in each support plane) …

My Plane (I fly solo)

My Jabiru J-230

It took a lot of trial & error for me to design & test the adaptations that enable me to fly independently with my high level quadriplegia (C5/C6).

Overview of my plane:

  • 2 seats
  • Single engine (120 hp)
  • Max take-off weight 600 kg
  • Max fuel 135 L
  • Burn rate 25 L/hr
  • Cruise speed 115 knots

My Jabiru-J230

The 2 Support Planes

1) Piper Archer II

This plane carries 3 of the support team: Pilots Gordon & Paul, & Personal Support, Josh.

Overview of this plane:

  • 4 seats
  • Single engine (180 hp)
  • Max take-off weight 1156 kg
  • Max fuel 182 L
  • Burn rate 40 L/hr
  • Cruise speed 120 knots

The Piper Archer Support Plane (with pilots Gordon, Paul & Personal support, Josh)

2) Piper Lance PA-32R-300

This plane carries 3 more of the support team: Pilots Bob & Michael, & Project Coordinator Linda.

Overview of this plane:

  • 6 seats (2 have been removed for this trip)
  • Single engine (300 hp)
  • Max take-off weight 1630 kg
  • Max fuel 356 L
  • Burn rate 65 L/hr
  • Cruise speed 160 knots
  • Retractable gear


The Piper Lance Support Plane (with pilots Bob, Michael & Project Coordinator, Linda)


Thanks to Jamie Chinery, one of our facebook friends, who took these photos of the 3 aircrafts when we refueled in Gladstone.

To read more about all the flight team members, you can find them here.

That’s it for today. Tomorrow, Linda & I are looking forward to going to the Darwin Museum to take a look & have a bit more time to rest up before we all start the flying again on Monday morning.

Over & out,


5 thoughts on “Day 20 – Day 2 rest & an overview of the planes”

  1. Hi Guys,

    What an adventure! I avidly read the blog each night to see where you are at and how the day went. I love the commentary. It provides great insight to some of the challenges and the pleasures of flying.

    Enjoy the rest days.

    EJ, Aura & Bella

  2. Glad to see you are enjoying your well deserved break Dave. Congratulations on the first half and best wishes for the second. Weather permitting I will be over in the Flinders Ranges and then fly down to Kangaroo Island on the 30th, so may be lucky enough to catch up with you.

  3. Enjoying reading your news each time you write, hope we have a huge crowd at Tooradin to welcome you and the team back. Safe flying till then, regards Stephen

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