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Day 19 – First day of our 3 day stop in Darwin

Today was a true rest day! Most of the team split up & got a bit of R&R on their own. Linda & I had an enjoyable brunch, after our late wake up.

After almost 3 weeks of being on this flight, with the accumulated stress of flying & the team being in such close proximity to each other for so long, this time-out in Darwin is well & truly needed. I really enjoyed going for a push completely on my own & getting some “me-time”.

We are so fortunate that our hotel, Darwin Central, is so well located & this makes it easy to get around.

One thing I really miss, when I’m away from home, is my independence.

When I’m away from home, I need people to give me a hand with pretty much everything. I miss being able to do things by myself, such as getting into bed when I want to at night, instead I have to rely on my personal support & Linda for so much. I’m like a turtle on my back! I greatly appreciate all the support the team have given me & I could never do this flight without them.

But what am I loving most about Darwin? The weather! Today the temperature was in the low 30’s & it was great going for a push through the mall, finding a nice bar where I sat for most of the afternoon with Linda & was then joined by Bob, Michael & Josh.

I tell you, the beers go down really well in this hot weather!

Relaxing in Darwin.
(L-R) Josh, Bob, Linda, Michael, & me.

Bob, Linda & I went for a walk down by the waterfront which had fantastic wheelchair access. It was beautiful to stroll along there in the balmy evening twilight.

Went for a walk down by the waterfront.

It’s very entertaining being with Bob. He stops random people to tell them about the flight – he’s great for PR!

It’s been so long since I had a night when I could just do nothing. I’m so looking forward to some relaxed time with Linda, watching some crap TV & chilling out.

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6 thoughts on “Day 19 – First day of our 3 day stop in Darwin”

  1. To All,
    Love it. Sounds great! Make sure you are all sober before your next flight in a few of days!

  2. PS I suspect Bob comes from the Northern Australia. He looks like a bush man at home.

  3. G’day Dave,
    Loving being able to follow along with your journey – inspirational to say the least (can’t wait to see the doco).
    Hope you enjoy your R&R in Darwin, we loved it there when visited in 2011, my wife & I both commented that it reminded us of the Gold Coast, but without the overbearing commercialisation. Certainly a great place to relax.
    All the best for the remainder of your trip, WA’s an amazing place, and the Bunda Cliffs along the Great Australian Bight are also an amazing sight.

    1. Hi Rohan,
      Thanks for your message. I’m certainly relaxing here & I’m looking forward to getting down the west coast, & if the weather is good, seeing those cliffs. Cheers, Dave.

  4. We have been following your flight since you began the journey David. We have told all the family and many friends about your site too. What a wonderful achievement! Our thoughts and prayers are with you and all the Jacka family. Go Dave!!

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