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Day 17 – Rest day in Nhulunbuy

We spent last night & our rest day in Arnhem Village, part of Gove Operations Pacific Aluminium (Rio Tinto).

The disabled rooms they provided were great with large bathrooms & fairly easy access around the site. And the food is really good – so much variety & quantity – I keep overeating!

Today I went into town with some of the team to have a look around & see the beach.

I was surprised to see a Surf Lifesaving Club, however the gates are currently locked as a 3.5 m croc has taken up residence nearby. From what the locals were saying, people swim a lot around here, out of stinger season, & don’t worry too much about the sharks or crocs.

Checking out the beach, trying to spot the croc.


This is very different to what I heard up in Weipa where the advice was to stay at least 10 m away from the shore & do not go swimming.

In Nhulumbuy, we learnt, that to buy any alcohol from a bottle shop & take it away, you need an alcohol permit. For interest sake, Michael went to see if he could get one & he was successful. He returned looking very proud!

I’m really looking forward to getting to our mid-point of the trip tomorrow, Darwin. I’m feeling pretty tired & looking forward to our 3 day rest break there.

Also, when we get to Darwin, we have Josh meeting up with us. Josh will be taking over from Lida as my personal support for the second half of the journey. Lida will be jumping on a commercial flight & heading back to her home in Melbourne.

It’s a short blog tonight – Time to head off to bed as I have a 5 am start tomorrow.

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10 thoughts on “Day 17 – Rest day in Nhulunbuy”

  1. Hi there Dave and team.
    You left Weipa none tosoon as the weather here has turned for the worst.Windy cloudy overcast with drizzly rain.Darwin here we come.I can see you will be glad for a couple of days rest the whole team will for that matter.Rest up will catch in a couple of days.
    Chrs for now Trevor.

  2. Dave (more importantly Linda),
    Do not let Lida leave without a video presentation! She is sneaking away & that should not be allowed!
    Hope you all have a good break in Darwin.

  3. Hi Dave the weather here in Derby is overcast and cool with rain. We are very glad to see that your timetable has changed and look forward to catching up with you at Derby Airport next week.
    Paula Bray.

    1. Hi Paula, thanks for your message. Hopefully the weather will be kind to us. Keep checking the “Follow the Journey” page of the website as this is where we let everyone know if any dates change. Linda also puts ETAs on Facebook on the day to help let everyone know when we expect to land. Hope to see you in Derby. Cheers, Dave.

  4. Wow halfway point! That’s fab! Is Linda joining later again in the trip? Would have loved to meet her in Perth. Speaking of….I’ve checked your schedule and its says you’re landing in Mandurah! I assumed you would be coming into Jandakot in Perth. Is there a difference in the landing fees? Or accessibility? Or you guys are staying down in Mandurah? Was planning some baking for the remaining leg of the trip for you!!!! Maybe some choc chip banana bread could persuade you to land at Jandakot instead of Murrayfield? Otherwise we will try and make it down to Mandurah depending on the day of the week, Saturday is good so far but I realise it will change with weather so will just wait until its closer!
    Such an interesting journey you’ve travelled so far, can’t wait to hear about Darwin. Best wishes, Heidi

    1. Hi Heidi, thanks for you message. Actually, Linda, my wife & Project Coordinator, is still on the flight. It was Lida, who fulfilled the Personal support role who left & changed over with Josh here in Darwin. We are landing at Murrayfield & our accommodation is at Mandurah. If you get the opportunity, would love to see you. We are only available for about 1 hour when we land at the airfield as we then have to head off as we have other engagements. Linda tries to provide an update of ETAs on the day on Facebook to let people know the time we expect to land. Keep checking out the “Follow the Journey” page on the website as if any dates change, this is updated to help communicate with everyone. Choc chip banana bread sounds amazing! Cheers, Dave.

    1. Thanks Stan – we made it! It was great to catch up with you & all the other members of the club there in Airlie Beach. Thanks for following along with us. Cheers, Dave.

  5. Hey there. We’re sitting together reading about your adventures, still marvelling at your courage and tenacity. A couple of days rest sounds just what the doctor ordered right now. Would Darwin be half way? Apparently the sunset over Fanny Bay is something to be seen, so enjoy a few Darwin stubbies and the sunset and rest up for the next leg of your journey. Hats off to everyone.

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