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Day 14 – Wind, showers, low cloud, crocodiles & Cape York!

Leaving windy Cooktown

We met such wonderful people in Cooktown. It’s a very pretty town & we just wish that we’d had more time to see it – no wonder Cook stopped here! We also learnt that it is a very windy place.

However, with all our delays, I was looking forward to getting flying & ticking off another major milestone of the flight. So far we’ve crossed the most southerly point, the most easterly point & now it was time for passing the most northerly point of Australia – Cape York!

Getting ready to leave Cooktown.

When we left Cooktown this morning, it was windy with low cloud at 1500 feet & intermittent showers. We soon found this was pretty consistent up the entire east coast toward the Cape.

It was also really bumpy & I had to watch the rotor when I flew on the leeward side of the hills. This made flying much more tiring as I always had to be working hard at flying my aircraft.

Refueling in Lockhart River

We  stopped off at Lockhart River to refuel the planes & ourselves with sandwiches & a cup-a-soup.

Arriving at Lockhart River.

It was still very windy. There was a sense of eagerness amongst the team to get going as we were so close to Cape York with it just over an hour away.

When I got flying again, the thought occcured to me that it was so isolated that, if something happened, & you put the plane down, either in the water or on the beach, the only things to greet you would be the sharks & crocodiles!

Its a funny thing as when I fly, I keep checking the gauges to ensure everything is working fine, but surprisingly I feel kind of safe & protected in my coccoon of my aircraft!

The coastline up to the cape.


The coastline up to the cape.

Crossing the most northerly tip of Australia!

I was down around 1000 feet as I rounded Cape York. It was pretty bumpy & I was swearing a bit as I was trying to get my GoPro cameras working so I could film my aircraft passing this most northerly tip of Australia.

Passing by Cape York.

Both support planes & mine passed Cape York at about the same time. I did a couple of orbits while Linda took some photos from the Piper Lance.

After we left Cape York, it was awesome to start heading west as it is a more protected area, the cloud base was higher, & so it was much easier flying.

Arriving into Weipa

It was interesting to fly into Weipa with all the bauxite mines visible from the air & to see how large they were! We landed with ease & got fueled up & ready for tomorrow.

Bauxite mine at Weipa.

Thanks so much to Trevor Snodgrass for all his help with our stay in Weipa. Thanks also to Peter at The Anchorage & the Albatross Bay Resort for kindly assisting with accommodation – especially given all the changes to our schedule.

We had a great dinner all together – with the team, Trevor & wife Pam – at The Anchorage.

Time for bed, it’s been a massive day & I’m exhausted. We will have an early rise to get going for the next stop along our journey tomorrow – Burketown!

Over & out,


6 thoughts on “Day 14 – Wind, showers, low cloud, crocodiles & Cape York!”

  1. I was getting a bit worried there for a moment Dave. Normally your blog is up by 8 pm and I took one last look before I turned in and there it was.

    Rest well and good luck for the next leg.


  2. Hi dave and crew,historic Weipa the birthplace of? I’ll give you a clue, bauxite aluminium Cessna,keep on chooglin ,
    regards Glenn Wattie.

  3. Hi Dave and your support crew. You are doing well. You took on a great challenge are coping well with the inevitable hitches.
    I enjoy your updates so keep up the good work

  4. Hi Dave and your support team,

    CONGRATULATIONS, the third milestone ticked off!!!!

    Cheers, Julie

  5. Congrats on making the trifecta Dave! Most southern, eastern now northern tip of aus! Spectacular pics! Can’t wait to come down and say hi when you head over west!

  6. Dave ‘Linda and team.
    Finally made it toWeipa another long day for you and the team.It was really good to finally catch up.What a great bunch of guys and gals you have put together.The other two SES guys Aaron and Terry enjoyed taking part and talking about your exploits.Looks like you had a pretty quick trip to Burketown.I have a mate in Port Hedland who may be able to help if reqd.Will keep in touch safe travels.

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