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Day 8 – Rest Day in Caboolture

Rest Day = Catchup & Fixup Anything Day

Like all other rest days for us so far, the rest day has been very busy & it gives us a chance to catch up on emails & all the non-flying stuff that we don’t get a chance to do & fix anything that needs fixing.

In hindsight, each rest day should have been 2 days to really ensure we get a rest! Fatigue is the thing we really have to watch out for when flying for so many days, especially for me flying solo as the workload is really high.

I did get to sleep in this morning but unfortunately I had a headache most of the night & couldn’t sleep. On a positive note, my UTI is now under control & I’m feeling heaps better – woohooo!

It was great to wake up to a big cooked breakfast! Michael & Paul popped up the street & got the stuff & Gordon cooked it up marvellously – sausages, bacon, eggs, tomato & onion.

Enjoying a great cooked breaky! – Bob, Gordon & Paul.

Linda spent all day getting things organised with media, accommodation & transport for some of our future stops. We had a bit of a scare in which Linda was almost in tears when a hard-drive with all our photos & video from the previous legs shorted out & there was a horrible electrical burning smell.

With the amount of time & effort that Linda has put into the photos & videos she felt ill with the potential loss. Fortunately, it just cooked the power adaptor & it’s still working!

These are some of the challenges that are increasing our workload & chewing up the very little time we have to relax & recharge for the next days. With the first week down and at least another three & a half to go, hopefully we can refine our systems a bit more to give us some rest time.

A real highlight for me today was having the opportunity to sit out in the beautiful Queensland sun for half an hour & relax! God, I love the warmth!

Checking  & Servicing Aircrafts

While Linda & I spent the day working at our 4-bedroom house, organised by the Rotary Club of Caboolture, the rest of the team – Bob, Michael, Gordon, Paul & Lida – drove to the airfield, in 2 cars organised for us to use during our stay by the club. We are so greatful to the Rotary Club of Caboolture for all their help.

The support pilots checked the aircrafts & did some maintenance. The Piper Archer Support Plane was using a lot of oil on the last leg, around triple what it normally uses, which was a concern. Gordon & Paul found some oil hoses that weren’t clamped properly & potentially leaking oil. Hopefully, just tightening these up, as they did, will fix this problem. Thanks to John from Caboolture Microlights who let them borrow some tools for the unexpected repair.

Thanks to Paul & Michael for giving my Jabiru its 25 hour service with a change of oil & filter. They put on a big hose clamp & tie wired the filter to avoid any incident like “the Bass Strait crossing incident”. The job took longer than expected & they worked through sunset & into mild darkness.

My Jab getting its 25 hour service at sunset by Paul & Michael.

Bob took the opportunity to go to Gympie to visit friends in the Piper Lance.

That’s it for tonight – time now for a team meeting to prepare for our flying tomorrow from Caboolture to Shute Harbour (Whitsundays) – love that I’ll be seeing more palm trees & warmer weather!

Over & out,


5 thoughts on “Day 8 – Rest Day in Caboolture”

  1. Hi Dave and Linda
    WOW!!!! So proud of you (as always) I am really enjoying being able to follow your journey with all the ups and downs – what a gift that you have given to all of us! You cope so well with everything and have the most beautiful attitude – it just makes me smile.
    Keep on enjoying it!
    Lots of love
    Suzie xxx

  2. Dave,
    You will enjoy the warmer weather. Try to get a swim. The water temperature is great. However, it is best not to do it while ditching your aircraft.
    I am very impressed with the progress of you and your team. It is a flight of a lifetime!
    Karen & I have been following the trip on both Facebook and Spidertracks.

  3. Well done Dave and Team, you have a very busy schedule but what an exciting trip. I’m glad you are feeling better Dave, Airlie Beach will be beautiful will be following on Spidertracks.

  4. Well Done Dave , not forgetting the great team you have . ! Just a great experience and effort to make this trip . reading back through your comments and blogs, its challenging , re health issues , planes being serviced etc.
    Lucky to have such a well organised group to help you make this your trip of a lifetime!
    I am following each leg either by FB or spidertracks.
    Ive posted via Central West Flying in Bathurst, some of us are following your trip with such high regard and as you said, anything is possible if you put your mind to it.!
    The school we fly with has 4 Jabs, great to see your in the J230, a nice machine .
    Again well done.
    Keep well and fly safe

  5. Following your trip with great interest, Dave and Linda, via FB. Make sure you get that rest that you’re looking for!! You’re all doing an awesome job. Love Mark and Barb

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