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Day 6 – Rest day in Wollongong

I woke up today feeling quite lousy & my hunch was right – I had the dreaded urinary tract infection (UTI). This is something people with quadriplegia & paraplegia often get. And when you do, it knocks the crap out of you. I’m glad I’m sick or else I was going soft. Fortunately my doctor gave me some antibiotics before I left for the trip & I had them ready to go & started loading myself up on them straight away. What does this mean for me? I feel exhausted, my body aches & I just generally feel like crap.

Lucky it was a rest day today. I took it really easy, and just caught up on a few emails & facebook. Linda is doing most of that so it takes a huge amount of pressure off me. I’m starting to feel a bit better now as I write this, thankfully as we have a huge day tomorrow – flying from Wollongong to Caboolture.

While Linda & I stayed at the accommodation in Kiama, the rest of the team went to the Illawarra Regional Airport & got the chance for a private tour of the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society Museum (HARS). Highlights for them were sitting in the F111 & speaking to the last pilot who flew the aircraft. They also got to sit in first class seating of the Super Constellation “Connie” (see photo below). There is so much going on there with Wings Over Illawarra on tomorrow, which we won’t be able to attend as we need all the daylight we can get to get up to Caboolture – we are on a mission.

Bob & Michael sitting in first class seating in “Connie”.

We all got back together at night & getting ready for a very early start tomorrow.

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4 thoughts on “Day 6 – Rest day in Wollongong”

  1. Hi David and Linda,
    Worried to hear you are not well ! Take it easy and take care of you both. Thanks to share your adventures. It’s great to be abble to follow you day by day.
    You are amazing ! Thinking of you both. Good luck and rest as much as you can !
    You make us dream of beautiful skies, freedom and …. thanks for that.
    Cheers, Myriam.

    1. Hi Myriam,
      Thanks for your message. Thanks for following us. Feeling much better now which is a great relief. The warmer weather is far better for my health.
      Over & out, Dave.

  2. Hello Dave, Linda and team. You are an inspiration – we will be following your progress as you fly around Australia. Congratulations on an amazing effort in advance but just flying has been a sensational achievement considering your disability. Introducing ourselves – our son Anthony was the pilot who flew the F111 on its last mission doing the flight over Brisbane. He was so excited to be visiting HARS in Wollongong yesterday and to see his beloved F111 again. I think they were pretty thrilled to see him too.
    All the very best for your epic journey.
    Carmel and John McGrath

    1. Hi Carmel & John,
      I wasn’t able to checkout HARS as I had pre-arranged things to do but heard from members of our support team who were excited to meet your son & I heard all about the F111 – very inspiring to hear the story. Thanks so much for your comment here & for following my journey around Australia.
      Over & out, Dave.

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