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Day 4 – Crossing Bass Strait (again)

Time to leave Hobart

It was great to have the rest day yesterday. We got up early today & managed to get down to the Cambridge Airfield by 8am and left by 9am (wow, we were on time for a change). It was so cold that my fingers wouldn’t work – oh hang on, they don’t anyway. It was a beautiful morning & as soon as we got there,¬†we all got into preparing the planes.

Pre-flight checks on my plane


Michael wiping water off the wing of the Piper Lance


Gordon & Paul removing covers from the Piper Archer.

We left Cambridge Airfield, Hobart & it was the most beautiful day with blue skies. We followed the east coast of Tasmania before crossing the water to Flinders Island, our refuel & lunch stop for the day. It was great to catch up with Jarrod, Terry & Mark who’d flown into Flinders the day before.

Crossing Bass Strait

Before leaving Flinders Island, Bob & Michael checked my plane & no apparent oil leaks – all was looking good. We got lifejackets on & took off from Flinders Island across Bass Strait, heading for the coast of Victoria & then continued north to Bairnsdale.

After doing the water crossing once, I wasn’t worried at all this time. I was just busy concentrating on flying the plane, navigating, doing the overwater crossing calls & controlling the GoPro cameras.

Back to the mainland, first stop Bairnsdale, VIC

When I arrived in Bairnsdale, John Chester, President of the East Gippsland Aero Club & other members of the club were there waiting for us. I got to show them how I’ve modified my plane to enable me to fly.

When I was flying to Bairnsdale I was feeling cold but when I landed I started to feel really sick. As I can’t control my body temperature, when I get cold, my entire body gets cold super quickly.

I went and sat in front of a warm fire at their club house to try to warm up. I just hope I’m feeling bad because I’m cold & not sick. I felt bad too because I rushed off and disappeared leaving all the preparation of the planes up to the support team. Thanks to all the OWC flight team who really helped me out & looked after me.

Me & OWC team with the East Gippsland Aero Club

Thanks so much to John & the club who then put on a great dinner & helped us with accommodation for the night. That’s it for now.. off to bed to get ready for a 4 am wakeup for me.

Over & out,


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