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CASA, OWC Benefit Gig & Flight Preparations

There is so much going on right now. We are all starting to feel the pressure as D-day is approaching – this Monday 29th April. At times there seems to be an insurmountable amount of things to get done before we depart. Let’s touch on a few…

CASA Approval for Exemption… the final update

After over a year of trying to get exemption from CASA to fly through controlled airspace for my solo Around Australia Flight, I finally got approval on Tuesday (5 days before take off).

The next hurdle then became trying to find an instructor with the required ratings which was very difficult. With help from CASA, I finally found one but I knew the odds were stacked against me right from the start to complete the necessary training in time. With so many other things going on, I couldn’t believe this was actually happening because I felt like this was going to be the straw that broke the camel’s back. I thought I’d give it a shot anyway, do my best & see what happened.

I went up with the instructor this Wednesday & flew into Essendon which was such a challenge & mentally exhausting because the area was so unfamiliar to me & I was trying to apply procedures which I’d only read about & requires a lot of practice. This morning it became apparent after speaking with the instructor that it would be impossible to get my endorsement by Friday as it takes most people a couple of weeks with a lot of practice.

I’m so disappointed & have been so stressed out this week trying to get this completed with the enormous amount of preparation that still needs to be done before we leave – in hindsight, given the time frame, this was never going to happen. I feel as though this has been a huge waste of time & money trying to get this exemption – which was just to make the flight safer. I know I’ve made the right decision because there are more important things that need to get done so I’m fully prepared for Monday.

OWC Benefit Gig

Awesome night, awesome bands! Last Saturday night, we had the OWC Benefit Gig that was all organized by Craig Fraser & the Legends of GOFPOS at The Empress Hotel, North Fitzroy. Craig is a great friend of mine & I really appreciate all the time & effort he went to to make it happen!

Me & The Legends of GOFPOS

Thanks to The Legends of GOFPOS, Signal X, Neil Wise & The Night Before Tomorrow for playing & donating sales of merchandise to OWC.

Craig with the merchandise

Neil Wise


We raised over $1100 on the night, got to catch up with many friends & had a great night! Thanks to those who came along & showed your support on the night! It was really appreciated!

Pre-Flight Preparation

At times it has been so stressful just trying to get so much done. I had hoped this last week wouldn’t be so hectic but instead its been damn tough.

I so much appreciate my wife Linda who has been a pillar of strength & support for me during this tough time & who is also doing an enormous amount of work as Project Coordinator & taking a lot of pressure off me. Also my parents have dedicated much of their time to help me, this week in particular, for which I’m very grateful. My dad even flew with me to Coldstream & gave me assistance when I didn’t have anyone else on Wednesday when I had to fly with the instructor into Essendon.


Linda & me

I’ve been receiving a lot of best wishes from people via email & FB which has given me a boost. Thanks for the support. Blog again soon.

Over & out,


3 thoughts on “CASA, OWC Benefit Gig & Flight Preparations”

  1. Typical CASA. Their tactic is simple- wait until the last minute to issue the exemption in the hope that you won’t have the time to complete the necessary training. They appear to be doing good by giving you the exemption and they get to keep you out of controlled areas which is a win on two counts for them. In the meantime your safety and the safety of your airplane may be jeopardised if the weather turns bad.

  2. G’day Dave,
    Just wanted to wish you all the best for your big adventure. Been following along with your preparations via this site and facebook since I saw your pic in the paper back in January. A fantastic effort by all involved. I look forward to following your progress round our great country.
    Rohan Baumann (Bowie, from Syndal High School days!)

  3. Dave – all of us here at AQA will be following your progress and cheering you on every day for the coming weeks. All the best for a safe departure today. Let us know if there’s anything at all we can help you with.

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