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Talks, Media, Stress, New team member!

The last few weeks have been really busy and a little stressful at times. There were two talks at the Rotary Clubs of Essendon North and Werribee. Project Coordinator (& my wife) Linda Sands helped me set up, doing the PowerPoint and analysing my talk that night so I can improve each time. Thanks to Essendon North RC who gave On a Wing & a Chair a kind donation to help support the flight.

Me with the Essendon North Rotary Club

I really enjoy giving the talks whether its Rotary, schools, community groups or businesses. It allows me to get the message out – raising expectations and inspiring others, but it also allows me to meet people &  share my own experiences and hopefully make a little bit of difference in other people’s lives and open people’s minds to what is possible.

We have had some great media opportunities since the Channel 9 Weekend Today story, that our gun Media Manager, Sofia Dede’s snagged for us. I did a 3AW interview on Thursday, damn early in the morning at 6.30am, I need my beauty sleep! Then at 9.30am I spoke to 6PR (Perth) & last Saturday, Mix 94.5 FM (Perth). The On a Wing & a Chair Flight is really becoming known around the country which is fantastic, spreading the message!

Matt McInnes, our Digital & Social Media Manager, has been checking the analytics on who and how many people are looking at the OWC website. It’s growing Woohoo!! The success of this flight will be determined by how many people we reach and the positive influence we can make to other people lives. We are on the right track, so if you can tell friends and family about OWC and get them to share it, the more people will know, making a bigger difference. I would like to thank everyone who has already made OWC known to their family and friends.

Regarding the stress: I am getting a little nervous that I haven’t received the exemption to fly through controlled airspace as yet. I’ve been working on getting it for a long time, but now I’m running out of time with only two months to go. I need to do some training before I depart on the 29th April.  With all the planning and commitments, I am worried there won’t be enough time. It won’t stop the flight if I don’t get it, but it will make life a little easier and safer. Hopefully I will receive it soon!

And finally, fantastic news! We now have our final team member to fullfil the Personal Support role for the Around Australia Flight. Josh Foote will be doing the second half of the flight in a support aircraft from Darwin to Tooradin. He is 21,  our youngest member, studying nursing. He has an adventurous spirit and will fit in really well. Welcome aboard Josh!


We have more! But I will leave it for next time.

Over & Out!


2 thoughts on “Talks, Media, Stress, New team member!”

  1. Great stuff Dave. A whole group of my friends are following you and all agree that you are joining an amazing group of Australian adventurers such as Jessica Watson, Dick Smith, Don McIntyre just to name a few. All the very best with your preparations and getting that exemption.


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