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Australian Disabled Pilots Associaton Fly-in

The 3rd Australian Disabled Pilots Association fly-in was held at the Temora Airfield in NSW from the 2-4 November.  The association was formed by a group of like minded disabled pilots, and each year they get together to chat about developments in adaptations, aircraft and just do some flying.  This year the fly-in was held in conjunction with Wheelies with Wings, a charity that provides scholarships to people with disablilities giving them the opportunity to learn to fly.

Linda and I left Tooridan (flying) on Friday, however as usual the forecast was incorrect – it was meant to be patchy cloud, not low cloud! We finally managed to sneak out between the mountains and cloud through the Kilmore Gap.  Just past the Gap the cloud ended and we had a wonderful blue sky ahead to Temora.

Other disabled pilots flew up and we caught up with some current and former Wheelies with Wing recipients.  It was great to catch up with some familiar faces from other fly-ins and have the long awaited drink on Friday night.

Linda and I stayed in the wheelchair accessible unit at the Temora airfield over the weekend, which was absolutely fantastic.  It was much cheaper than the motels in town, it was new and fully accessible.  We will definitely stay there again.

On the Saturday, the Temora Aviation Museum put on a small airshow and the Wheelies with Wings graduates were awarded their certificates.  We had the opportunity to meet Lord Glendonbrook who provides one of the flying scholarships and David Lowy who established the museum and flies many of the aircraft during the displays.






I don’t usually get the opportunity to take other disabled pilots up for a fly so it was really great to have this opportunity on Saturday and Sunday, and share the experience with them. I find that after you have taken someone up, your friendship gets a little closer.  It could be that I had their life in my hands and they are thankful for getting down in one piece!!

We ended up leaving on Sunday as the weather in Melbourne was looking at worsening on Monday so we didn’t want to risk getting stuck.

Looking forward to the next one.

Over & Out!

2 thoughts on “Australian Disabled Pilots Associaton Fly-in”

  1. Nice little opening there for you to get out of Melbourne Dave!
    Jo and i made it back to Caboolture by 5 on Sunday, and all up it was 5.6hrs flying to get home with 45 mins in Moree to refuel and have a snack. I got the Jab up to 9500′ on the leg to Moree to stay above the headwinds. I haven’t had it up that high before but it handled really well.

    Good to see you again and meet Linda. Keep up the good work!

    Dave no. 3

    1. Hi Dave,

      It was great to catch up with you & meet Jo at the disabled Fly-in in November. Sorry its taken a while to get back to you, got married in November and things have been very busy with On a Wing & a Chair. Linda and I had a great time catching up with everyone. Glad you made it back safe. The Jab flies well up high, but it struggles to get above 10,000 when its heavy, not that you would want to go that high!
      Hope to catch up when we pass through Caboolture on the Round Australia flight in May. If all goes to plan we will be up you way around the 5th May 2013 for two days.

      Cheers Dave

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