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Getting closer – OWC team meeting, talking at the Piper Association & Sausage Rolls

Things are moving!  We spent this last weekend in Griffith, NSW . We headed up for an OWC team meeting & I also gave a presentation to the Piper Association (a group of flyers) at the Griffith Aero Club. Unfortunately, the Melbourne weather prevented us from flying up & so instead we set out on road trip. The great thing about road trips is you get to try out local food along the way – this time we can highly recommend Nagambie Bakery’s sausage rolls!

Myself, Linda Lida, and my parents Brian & Roberta, drove up to Griffith, where Gordon, Bob, Paul and Michael live. We had our OWC team meeting on Saturday in which Brian & Roberta gave the team a run down of the donated accommodation and transport they have been able to secure at each stop-over location for the team around Australia. We greatly appreciate all Brian & Roberta’s efforts & the very kind donations from people all over Australia in helping to support our flight & spread our message: to raise the expectations of what people with disabilities can achieve & inspire all!

It was a great catch-up weekend for the team. Gordon and wife, Bronwynne, put on a mouth-watering bbq lunch ensuring we had enough energy to get through the meeting.  It was another fantastic opportunity to get to know each other more.  We have a great team!

On Saturday evening, I gave a presentation to the Piper Association at the AGM Dinner. I talked about my experiences with quadriplegia, how I fly, lessons I’ve learnt & how OWC began. Thanks to the Piper Association for inviting me along to the night! We had a fun time!

Now with my wedding next month, I’ll be kept extra busy until our next OWC meeting in mid-December.

Over & Out!

4 thoughts on “Getting closer – OWC team meeting, talking at the Piper Association & Sausage Rolls”

  1. Congratulations on a really great presentation in Griffith. Love and best wishes David and the beautiful Linda for the BIG DAY. Leonie

  2. My husband Jim is Albert Jacka’s 2nd cousin and he is hoping to see Dave when he is in Hobart. Can you send some details please? Have tried to communicate with Cambridge Aero but no response!

    Cheers and good luck – the Tassie clan.

    1. Hi Robbie, if you would like to meet Dave & the team, they will be at Cambridge Airfield at 8am & up in the air by 9am.

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