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No flying but check out the new logo on the plane!

Rain, rain & more rain. Finally, it looked like today would be different. With lots of fog, I was desperately hoping it would lift so I could fly up to Maryborough for the day & catch up with a mate, John, for coffee. Unfortunately, the fog didn’t lift from Tooradin until late in the afternoon. So there I was, all fuelled up & no place to go as the fog base was 200 feet. 

However, on a good note, heading out to the plane today gave me the perfect opportunity to affix the On a Wing & a Chair logo. The two support planes will also have these stickers attached. Thanks to Electro Cut Signs for their kind donation.

Dave doing the quality check to ensure no wrinkles in the stickers.

Dave’s plane – ready for the solo flight April 29th 2013.

I’m hoping for some clear days next weekend! Can’t wait to get flying because I’m getting grumpy without my fix!

Over & out.

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