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The forecast on Wednesday night said patchy cloud with a clearing shower or two in the morning.  I was hoping this was one time they would get the forecast right as I had an important appointment to get to on Thursday afternoon.

As I stuck my head out of the motel room door it just didn’t look promising! (My heart samk!!) I thought the weather Gods might helpout just this once, so Lida and I headed down to the airfield, get the aircraft ready for a quick depeature when a break in the weather came, if at all.

Well the Gods this time must of been listening, just as we were driving to the airfield small patches of blue started appearing  Its funny how a small patch of blue can make you feel so much better!!

The cloud base was lifting a little but it was hard to see if we could still get through without  running into a hill or two.  I was freezing by this time, and just wanted to get going, atleast get the heater on even if we had to land again and wait.

As we lifted off and banked to the left towards the direction of Geelong it was such a beautiful sight to see a clear parth ahead with the sun breaking through in spots.  Must of been the weather Gods shining their light, or just the sun!  Either way I was glad to  be heading home with blue shy in the distance.

The last six days were a great adventure with really great people and some very memorable moments.  Things don’t always go to plan, but everyone got home safely which is the most important thing.

I’m planning my next adventure to the Kimberley next year.  Any takers?

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