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Busy, Busy, Busy……

Its been a busy few months, with a nice break to a warmer climate to thaw out for a week.

I did a talk to Trinity Catholic Primary School in May which was a great experience with the kids, but I got a huge surprise not long ago when I received a package from a grade 6 class, 6 Jones/Finkelde, containing heaps of wonderful letters and a significant donation to the On a Wing & a Chair Round Australia Flight.

It is the support and encouragement from people like these young kids that will help make the flight a reality.

I have had the opportunity to do a number of talks over the last few months, to Telstra, Lightweight Aircraft Association and the Sport Aircraft Association of Australia Chapter 21. I have received a lot of support from members of these organisations which is greatly appreciated.

I am planning on doing many more talks in the lead up to the flight in 2013. By sharing my experiences and challenges I have had to face over the years, I hope to raise the awareness of what people with disabilities can do and hopefully provide some inspiration for others to have a go at their own goals and challenges in life. If anyone would like me to speak at a club, school, corporate business, let me know.

I have finally got my aircraft back in the air after 3 months. With a lot of work done on the engine, it is now running very nicely. I  took my father up to Orbost for lunch two weeks ago to see how it ran, and it was great. The perfect flying day and an engine that keeps running!

I’m planning on heading back up to Birdsville in late October to see the Bourke & Wills Dig tree and Camerons Corner, it will be nice to enjoy the flight up there this time.

Over & Out!

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