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Leg 9 – Birdsville to Noccundra Hotel (QLD)

I was planning on stopping to see the Bourke & Wills Dig Tree on this leg but unfortunately it is still under water from the flooding river. On route though the Cooper Creek was an amazing sight – the whole area was an array of greens and creeks that look like arteries. There are no places to land out here, and this is some of the most remote areas of the flight. It puts me on edge if the engine sounds a little rough at times, but most of the time, its my mind.


The Cooper Creek.

Noccundra Hotel was a great place to stop. It has its own airstrip and when you land, you taxi to the front of the pub, get out and have a beer. It was really cool and I have been looking forward to coming here for a while. The hotel is heritage, built in 1882, and is on a cattle station, that Packer used to own.


Overflying Noccundra, it has a huge strip.


The historic Noccundra Hotel.

The accommodation is basic which are “dongas” like a site shed with a bed. It was a good experience. They guys were great, helping me to fuel the plane, tie it down, and were really interesting to chat with over a couple of beers. I learnt a bit about how to muster cattle. No imported beer out here!


Parked out the front of the Noccundra Hotel.

Over & Out!

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