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Leg 8 – Mount Isa to Birdsville (QLD)

I tried getting an aircraft maintenance company to check out my engine before leaving Mount Isa, but they wouldn’t help me out so I ended up getting a local auto mechanic to have a look. Everything looked OK so we continued on.

The problem came back when I was half way to Birdsville – which is becomming a real pain. I spoke with Jabiru and others but no-one can put their finger on the problem. I just need to get the plane home. The engine won’t stop but it makes flying really stressful and takes the fun out of it.

Water is the main theme for this trip, it was amazing to see so much water with towns cut off such as Bedourie surrounded by water.

The town of Bedourie.

It was great to get to Birdsville and finally see it. The Birdsville Hotel had a great wheelchair accessible room and the food was really nice.


Birdsville Hotel.


Overflying Birdsville.

I have to go back and see the Birsdville Race this year!

Over & Out!

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