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Leg 5 – Ayers Rock to Alice Springs (NT)

I set of early on Tuesday for the next leg to Alice Springs, but before, to fly around the “Rock” Urulu and the Olgas with the clearer air in the morning.  It was spectacular seeing both formations from the ground but from the air it gave it a totally different dimension and was absolutely stunning.


Uluru at 4000 ft.

Onto Kings Canyon, leading into the Macdonall Ranges some of the most spectacular scenery yet. The outback is always changing which I find it hard to get bored of. I was expecting to see just red dirt, but with all the rain there is vegetation every where, this is something that hasn’t been seen for 25 years, so a couple of the locals say.  I will have to come back again and see it when its just red!


Macdonnell Ranges.

As I am licensed as a recreational pilot, I can’t fly into controlled airspace, so I had to land at Bond Springs just 20km north of Alice Springs. The Chief Flying Instructor Ciff McCann from Alice Springs Aero Club got one of his instrctors to drive him up and Cliff flew in with me to  Alice Springs Airport, which was alot of fun as I hadn’t done it before. 

I needed to get my aircraft serviced, Cliff made arrangements with the airport maintenance company which took alot of stress off me. In addition to giving me hangerage, Cliff got approval for me from the Air Traffic Control to allow me to fly out and back to Santa Teresa which was awesome. Cliff McCann and the Alice Springs Aero Club, http://www.alicespringsaeroclub.com.au/ have been so generous with their time and assistance to make my trip so much easier, I can’t thank them enough.


Chief Flying Instructor Cliff McCann and me.

Others have given me support in various ways such as Andrea Sullivan manger of the Memorial Club in Alice Springs, who gave myself and Lida a great meal.  I have received support from different people and groups on the flight so far, whether its just giving me a hand to get into a 4wd, its these people who are making this adventure much easier.

Alice Springs has been busy, I haven’t had any time to see the sights, with local news paper, ABC radio, and TV interview over the last two days.

A highlight of Alice Springs was going to Santa Teresa Community today (Thursday) meeting some of the kids at the school, gave a quick talk to one of the 6th grades and having a bbq. The kids were so friendly and really inquisitive, especially how I got my scar on my throat (tachiostomy scar from my accident). It’s funny I’ve found indiginous kids are the only ones that have ever asked me about it.


Giving a talk to Santa Teresa grade 6’s.

Following a briefing by an instructor, Jackie Chan, no not the actor, getting through controlled airspace at Alice was a little challenging, as its new to me, but I got there and back without any dramas which was geat. 

Onto the next leg tomorrow, Tennant Creek.

Over & Out!

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