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Leg 1 – Tooradin to Narracoorte to Murray Bridge (SA)

It was great to get going today. But as I drove down to Tooradin, the thick misty clouds were hanging low in the air, and I just wondered, although I had planned everything I could have, would it be my luck that the typical weather of Melbourne was going to stop me?

The weather forecast indicated that it should be reasonable – but they aren’t always right!

I always find the night before a big trip, (and this was the biggest and most challenging I have ever done) I always have a lousy sleep, it must be the anticipation and I just want it to happen. But once I get in the plane it doesn’t mattter how tired I am, I just come alive.

Fortunately, the weather was clearing to the west and myself and Lida (support crew) got off the ground around 9.30am.

There were a few rain showers about, but I can fly around these easily as my aircraft is reasonably quick. Its also more fun than going in a straight line.

I was hoping the weather would clear near the 12 Apostles (not really sure how many are left) as they are really spectacular when the sky is blue which makes the water a fantastic blue due to the reflection. Well not this time. I quickly snuck past before a huge shower came in.


12 Apostles on a cloudy, misty day.

I had been in contact with Leon Brice from Naracoorte SA recently who’s son had an accident and ended up with quadriplegia, similar to me. His son Charles, has a web site where people can offer support check it out at www.briceybestrong.com.

As Naracoorte was my refuel stop, the Naracoorte Aero Club gave me a great welcome putting on lunch, Leon organised the local media to cover the flight, and provided me with a tank of Avgas. The generosity and hospitality of people in these comunities, is amazing and I greatly appreciate their support and assistance.


Lunch put on by the Naracoorte Aero Club.

I would of liked to of stayed longer and chatted but I had to get to Murray Bridge (SA), for my overnight stop. The late afternooon was clearing and it was fantastic to fly along the coast toward the mouth of Lake Alexandrina with blue sky and the warmth of the sun coming through the cockpit window.


Nice weather towards the mouth of Lake Alexandrina (mouth of the Murray).

Following the rebuild of the topend of the aircraft engine, it now runs much better and with a tail wind of around 15 knots  we made some quick ground today.

I’m off to Arkaroola at the top of the Flinders Ranges tomorrow where I will spend two days and catch up with my parents to do some 4wdriving. I won’t have mobile coverage there so I will do my next blog at Coober Pedy.

Over & Out!

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