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Challenges of the Central Australia Dream Flight….

Every flying trip I go on, I need to plan for the flight and plan for what challenges I could face, which at times is about as easy as predicting what the weather will do in Melbourne!

It’s just a matter of being prepared.

The weather is my main challenge. April is generally one of the better flying months with more stable conditions, however this year it has been very unpredictable so who knows!

If the weather isn’t suitable, then I don’t fly. I have an extra 4 of days up my sleeve for delays, so it’s not an issue, just more of an inconvenience as I would have to change my accommodation dates.


Landing at Cobar, NSW 2010 with some lovely weather closing in.

The trip will be a tiring, early mornings and long days, but an added challenge due to my quadriplegia, is that I can’t control my body temperature. When it’s hot I cook, and when it’s cold I freeze. Just like a reptile!

April should be less extreme and easier to manage but I will take my spray bottle (sweat in a bottle), and thermals – just in case.

No one ever wants to do an emergency landing, but I still have it at the back of my mind.
When I fly I’m always assessing the landscape for possible landing sights just in case the fan at the front stopped and need to put it down.

For some of the areas, for a bit of assurance, I will follow close to the highways. I have my sat phone and PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) for communication, and also some survival gear. The survival gear is important to ensure myself and my passenger can get by until assistance arrives (just in case).

If you have any questions, let me know.

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