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Flight Plan

I have planned the Central Australia Flight to give me a real challange, both from a physical and mental perspective but also from a logistical standpoint.

I will be flying this trip with a friend, Lida, who will be a passenger and will help me out with what I need on the ground. Doing it as a solo aircraft will have some real challenges as I need to make sure I’m prepared for what can go wrong. I will talk about that in later blogs.

I will be starting at Tooradin and flying in a clockwise direction – see the map below. The dots on the map are overnight stops and at some of those I will spend a couple of nights.


Central Australian Dream.

Some of the highlights of the flight will be flying over Lake Eyre full of water which has been a dream of mine for years, and going to the Bourke & Wills Dig Tree, located between Birdsville and Nocundra Hotel.

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