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Land Adventures

Mountains to Murray

Dave set off on a new challenge hand cycling along the rail trail from Bright to Wangaratta. The spectacular and constantly changing landscape provides an appreciation of the diverse regions from alpine bush transforming to lush green pastures. Endless hill climbing challenges test Dave’s strength and endurance.

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  • Hand cycle 85 kilometres from Bright – Wangaratta, Victoria.
  • Dave to break his personal record for distance.
  • Practice filming.
  • Enjoy the experience.



  • Greenspeed hand cycle



  • Weather – excessive heat would make it difficult to complete as Dave can’t regulate his body temperature.
  • Physical endurance – Dave has not hand cycled long distances over multiple days, this will test his body.
  • Ground support – not getting lost in the bush.



  • Support Crew – 1 carer and Linda.
  • Accommodation – pre-booked farm stay.
  • Ground support – car to pick Dave & Linda up at finish point for the day.
  • Funding – self-funded.



  • Have the right clothing for changing environments.
  • Ensure you have a suitable level of fitness.
  • Don’t take too many cameras and devices as it becomes difficult to manage and have fun.